If there’s one thing Dave certainly is passionate about, it’s timber. Dave can supply all types of timber for landscaping supplies, including sleepers. Our timber can be used for garden edgings, portals, pergolas, carving and lots more uses.

In our yard you’ll find timber suitable for turning, carving, flooring. We’ve got stumps, totara burr and saw logs.

We also have old gates, recycled timber from bridges and old fencing, strainers and battens. Often you can learn the history of a piece of timber from Dave.

Below is a bench made out of timber that has had many lives including a bridge and a fence.


We have many different species of timber in the yard to include, pine, macrocarpa, elm, redwood, douglas fir, poplar and deodar cedar. Please contact us to see what we have available.


Firewood is not our main business but as you can imagine we do have supplies of firewood from time to time. Please call to see if we have any in stock.